A start-up incubated by the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, brings technologies which can be used to monitor pipelines, which carry crude oil, chemicals, nuclear substances and very helpful in decreasing the multidimensional loss, which occurs due to oil and gas leakages.

DeTect Technologies, founded by IIT Madras alumni Daniel Raj David, Harikrishnan AS, Karthik R and Tarun Mishra along with Professor Krishnan Balasubramanian has won ‘The ET Startup Awards’ ‘Best on Campus’ category directly linked to the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras which brings a holistic solution to the inspection needs of energy sector focusing mainly on the pipeline integrity management. It provides service-based products as well as permanent installable sensors that can show real time health data of the pipelines.

DeTect Technologies Products

High temperature guided wave ultrasonic (GWU) pipeline inspection system

The key innovation is the high temperature magnetostrictive sensor (MsS) which allows the system to operate up to 350°C (660°F), in line fluid temperature. These systems are used to detect defects and corrosion in pipelines and sensor has the capability of transmitting data at a remote monitoring station.

The DeTect high temperature pipeline inspection system can examine pipes for corrosion and defects during high temperature operation, in-situ, without shutting the pipes down, thus saving shutdown time.


This under development drone project uses ultrasonic sensor called GUMPS and, promises faster, easier inspection of Boilers, Stacks, Towers and more. Research and development is being done to provide high quality semi-autonomous visual inspection of difficult to access or hazardous regions.

Other Prestigious Award – won by DeTect Technologies

  1. Awarded the prestigious gold medal for being one among the top 10 innovative ideas in India by the Government of India under the program, India Innovation Growth Program.
  2. Selected as one among the top 10 by IC2 at University of Texas at Austin for a market survey and analysis for our technology
  3. Selected by Graduate school of business Stanford University, for a week long entrepreneurship exposure at Silicon Valley, USA.
  4. Named as the top most innovative proposal in 16th International Conference on Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation.

Starting with Reliance Industries, DeTect has expanded its client base to BPCL, HPCL and Tata group among others.

Also as the company has filed for patents in India and the United States and so are looking to explore the Indian (process industry) market to the fullest, and also slowly expand internationally.”

DeTect technologies till now based at IIT-Madras’ Research Park, solving a huge problem with innovative technology,” and “much credit goes to Professor Balasubramanian, Incharge of IIT-Madras’ new centre for innovation and entrepreneurship, who has not only backed DeTect but several other startups at IIT” just by putting a framework to take a business idea to the execution stage.


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