In your career and personal life, in your relationships, and in your heart and soul, a chance often comes where you don’t get the same as you think. You label it as “FAILURE”. The dictionary meaning of “FAILURE” is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. Does it undermine your ability that you cannot get the same result with improved version of your approach? And answer is “NO”

It’s your fears that distort the reality. Under the warped logic of fear, anything is better than the uncertain. Fear fills the void at all costs, passing off what you dread for what you know, offering up the worst in place of the ambiguous, substituting assumption for reason.

Get rid of these feelings by keeping the positive aspect of failure in your mind under these headings.

  1. Failure can be a good thing

Failure has been a critical factor in the success stories of many inspiring figures who works on the edge of life and death. Mountaineering is one among them. Failure – in this line of work – often means life or death, and yet they talks about the fortunes to be found in failure. The three lessons they propagate:

  • Failure frees us from perfection
  • Failure forces us to face our own mortality while mortality teaches us gratitude – one of the foundations for real joy
  • Failure means you have the courage to try new things. This creates character and empathy by exposing vulnerability
  1. Share Your Mistakes

“Learn from your mistakes – no matter how smart you are. We must share the mistakes with others. Situations of pain are very fertile ground for learning. OK. There is never a pain, a difficulty from which we cannot learn, if we choose to do so. By learning that lesson you enrich yourself. So get up my Dear!!

  1. Melt your Silence

“When you feel very hard feelings like guilt or shame, it disorients you. It’s true. But a simple conversation can recharge you, refresh you, lightens you, and make you a wholesome new. Discussing the feeling moves you away from being frozen by it. Don’t feel shame, but to discuss shame. Not to feel guilty, but to discuss guilt. To discuss the feeling is more important than feeling it. Whisper the feelings with your dear!

Try to find the equations which connect the missed opportunities with hidden potential of your personality. Search them out!

You open your eyes and there’s the world. Seeing is believing. Sight is truth. Right? Well, that’s what you should think.

All The Best!

KFE Team!


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