IIT Delhi is going to set up its exhibition of Research Projects. IIT Delhi will showcase its’ Industry Day ‘on 22nd September for its PhD students’ projects. It is believed that around 300 big companies of the country can participate in this exhibition. There is such a system in academic cycle that no special placement is available for IIT PhD students. Given this, this time the project work will be kept for inspection of the companies.

V Ramgopal Rao, director of IIT-Delhi, said, “In the industry, the PHD students are being given more opportunities than the earlier ones. IITs have to take us further up to new heights. If we are to be in line with the top institutes of the world, then we have to improve quality here. Then our number of foreign students will also increase.’

Rao said: “In terms of research, we are at the 39th position in the global university rankings. Of the five parameters, we have got zero in three — foreign faculty, foreign student and faculty-student ratio. The two places where we have got some marks are research output — the quality of research we do — and perception. So, if we need to take the IITs into the top-50s, we need to start doing well on these three parameters too. We need to recruit more faculties and that is again linked to foreign faculty.”

He told that 150 companies had participated in Industry Day last year and this number could go up to 300 this year. We have seen an almost 200% increase in research funding from non-MHRD sources since the first event last year, he added.


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